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CrossFit Open 3-1-13

On March 6th, one of the most exciting times of
the year for CrossFit begins.  It?s
called the CrossFit Open (click here to
check out their website)
What?s so awesome about it?  It?s the time of year where any CrossFitter, regardless of
level or ability can qualify for competition and has an opportunity to
compete?possibly on a worldwide stage. 
Last year there were 60,000 participants and this year promises to be
even bigger.  The goal of this
event is to find the fittest in the world, and they cast a very large net to do
so.  It?s pretty awesome to see
people putting themselves out there and seeing how they rank within the
world.  There is NO other sport
where that happens.    

Every year, we like to make it an event!    

Starting March 6th, CrossFit will announce a new
workout every week for 5 weeks. 
That will become the workout of the day for Saturday.  Anyone can participate in the workout,
and we will scale the version for those of you who are worried about not being
able to do it.  If you do want to
participate in the open and see how you rank, it?ll be a lot of fun.  We will judge every workout on Saturday
and it?ll be an awesome format!  If
you want to see how you stack up, make sure to register
here!  The cost is $20.  Make sure you join CrossFit Bartlett?s
team and help our team score high for regionals?. you never know how well you
can do until you try.
If you don?t want to actually compete in the open, you can
still participate in the Saturday workout, we will scale it and judge it for
fun.  It?ll be a great event every
Check it out, register and join CFB?s team.  Let?s get ready to rumble!


3-1-13 WOD


Deadlift Max

Met Con:

Double Unders x 50 / Singles x 200 

 Ring dips x 10

Fran weight x 15 

 3 rounds for time