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CrossFit Won’t Make You Lose Weight

A more accurate statement would be ‘CrossFit alone won’t make you lose as much weight.’ CrossFit is a contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle, but it is not the sole factor. Nutrition plays a huge role in our overall health and well-being. That’s right, it is another nutrition post. However, in this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when our will power miraculously shrinks and waists often grow, there can’t be too many reasons that your health is still affected by the holiday season. You do not get to put your health on hold, and pick it back up in January.

All the hours and sweat you leave in the gym will result?to little if your nutrition outside of the gym is not on par. So make sure that you are viewing your health and well being as a whole, not just trips to the gym every other day. This also includes your sleep and how you recover. The biggest factor that often gets neglected is good nutrition. We, here at CFB, recommend the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet is a diet high in meat,nuts,veggies, no bread, and a little fruit every now and then. Setting all the scientific evidence aside, which there is a lot, I have experienced and seen the amazing results that come about from following the Paleo Diet. It truly is incredible.

I know that it is Christmas and that no one is perfect all the time. So if by chance you find yourself in a situation where you are staring down some sort of sweet, or bread dish, here are a few of the tips that I use to survive the holiday feast:

-Keep it limited to one food- try to not go crazy on all the delicious dishes, instead just pick your favorite and treat yourself. If you have to have more than one type of food keep it to one meal. So the next morning don’t return to the cake that got left out last night after you passed out from an insulin induced coma.

– Actually get back on the wagon- everyone’s favorite diet is the one that starts tomorrow. When you get derailed by some sort of confectionary creation, get up, dust the powdered sugar off, and get back to where you know you need to be.

-Relax- I’ve never actually heard of someone dying from one piece of pie, don’t give yourself a huge guilt trip for eating that truffle. Enjoy it, then move on. There is no need to make yourself suffer for a treat unnecessarily, trust me the truth always comes out when the clock starts.

-Most Importantly enjoy the Holiday Season and time with your family!

Chris aka TI

Clay and the crew working on some mobility! ?Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!