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Daily Affirmations…

I know I talked about the R.A.S. yesterday.  I’m on a tear right now, but I wanted to show you this video.  It’s cute.  It’s fun, but more importantly, how much better would your day be if you started it off using the mindset of a 3 year old?  My kids are 3 and 2 and everyday is a new discovery from them.  They are super happy all the time.  They view everything as an adventure, and they truly believe they can do anything.  It’s amazing to watch.  What do you need to do to get back to that mindset?  Have you ever tried anything like this before?  Post comments below.



To be discussed in class

Met Con

Ladder +3 every round. 

 3 wall balls,

3 burpees,


 6 wall balls,

 6 burpees,


 9 wall

 9 burpees

Wall Balls
AMRAP for 12 minutes