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Dealing With Your Limitations…..

Limitations, we all have them.  Some of us have an old nagging injury that flares up every once in awhile.  Some of us struggle with mental aspects of training.  Some of us are just tight.

The thing is we all have things we need to work on.  We all have things that are hindering our results.

Sometimes you need to check your ego and work on those things.  In October I had a hamstring injury.  I wasn’t doing CrossFit, I was testing my 40 yard dash of all things, but I injured my hamstring pretty good.

It’s March, and it still bothers me.  I’ve done some rehab on it.  I’ve been to specialists, but it’s still giving me trouble.  I think one of the issues I’m having is checking my ego.  It’ll get to a point where it feels pretty good.  Not 100% but like 70%, so I go and try to do too much too fast.  Then I get a set back.  You see checking your ego is a hard thing to do, but we all have to do it.

I’ve had to go back to basics.  I can do some workouts, and some workouts I can’t do yet.  I can squat fine for the most part, but can’t run 50 feet without pain.

Over the past couple of weeks, I took a step back from my ego, and started really focusing on rehab of the hamstring.  I even joined Bartlett Rec just so I could use a hamstring curl machine, (yes I know machines are anti CrossFit, but sometimes albeit rarely, they have a use).  I’ve been working through some pretty aggressive hamstring protocols and today for the first time I was able to run 2 miles without pain!  It was very slow going, but I did it.  Of course, we’ll see how it feels tomorrow, but today I’m pretty excited!

It’s the first time I’ve run pain free since October of last year.

The lesson is this.  Dealing with ego is hard, but sometimes you have to grit and grind in a different way.  Sometimes you have to slow things down, know where you’re at, work appropriately and progress to where you need to go.

If you’ve got an issue where you’re tight, get it fixed.  Work on it daily.  See a Chiropractor or some other specialist.  Bite the bullet and fix the things that are hindering you.  If you don’t, you’ll just prolong the inevitable, or worse get injured.

Deal with what you’ve got going on.  Fix the limitations, and then you’ll progress much faster in the end.

3-11-15 WOD



Met Con:

HSPU x 10

Ring Push Ups x 10

Handstand Walk 10 meters / Wall Walks x 5

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