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Diana Hampton

My journey to CFB actually began over 6 years ago when I weighed over 250 pounds. I had been overweight the majority of my adult life and would have never even thought about doing any type of exercise and there is no way I would have ever attempted Crossfit. However, I made a deal with myself that if I got thin, I would cherish my new life and do whatever I could to treat my body with respect and get in the best shape possible. I actually made a bucket list of things I would do with my thinner self and one of those included finding a fitness home where I could feel comfortable and have fun getting stronger and healthier. Fast forward to January 2016…..I am about 100 pounds lighter, I had checked off a lot of things on my “skinny” bucket list but still not in the physical shape I wanted to be in. One Sunday afternoon, I saw a post on Facebook for boot camp and I grabbed the phone, called Krystal and signed up.

Walking into enlistment day was the scariest thing I had done in a very long time but I wasn’t alone. Everyone around me had the same look in their eyes and the entire staff at CFB welcomed me with open arms. To say that I liked boot camp is a lie….I LOVED it! I could not stop talking about it to everyone I came in contact with….my poor family and friends heard about every little thing that I accomplished! I loved it so much that I decided to continue on with Crossfit. The incredible emotional and physical support that I get from the CFB staff and family is overwhelming! It is truly the fitness home that I had been searching for and I have made relationships to last a lifetime.

It is hard to picture that 250 pound person now but she is still there….trapped inside of my thinner body, tempting me with bad choices on a daily basis. But I have gained the skills at CFB to overcome the temptations put in front of me and succeed at my fitness goals. I am thankful everyday for the compassion, drive and encouragement I get each time I walk in the door at CFB!