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Discipline vs Habit or both?

By Justin Emmons

Most people look at successful people and think they must be really disciplined.  This is an easy assumption, and a thought that allows you off the hook fairly easily.  ‘Oh yeah, I could never be THAT disciplined,’ is something easy to say in order to live easier with your choices.

Here’s the deal.  It doesn’t require enormous discipline to achieve success, although it does require some.  It actually requires enough discipline to make the behavior a habit.  On average this takes 66 days.  Sometimes it takes a bit longer, sometimes it takes a little less, but the research on average shows that it takes 66 days to make something a habit.

So, the question is not whether you have a ton of discipline.  The question is can you pick the one thing that will get you the most bang for your buck?  Then can you have enough discipline to not do that thing for 66 days?  If you can accomplish that you will be successful in what you do.  Enormously successful people aren’t superhuman, they just develop habits that push them towards that success.

What is the habit that you need to develop OR get rid of in order to be successful?  Post comments below.

4/2/2014 WOD


Back Squat

Met Con:

GHD Sit ups x 25


KB swings x 50

Box Jumps x 25

2 rounds


GHD Sit ups x 25