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Do You Want To Be a Predator?

Have you ever watched the discovery channel or animal planet.  I’m sure you have, and if you haven’t then just bear with me here.  I love watching shows on predators.  Lions, tigers, sharks you name it.  I think they are just awesome to watch in their prowess.  While watching these shows though, have you ever noticed something about the difference between the animals that are predators and the animals that are prey?  What’s different about their eyes?  Google a picture of a gazelle and google a picture of a lion…..go ahead, I’ll wait.  Now take a look at the orientation of their eyes.  The Lion’s as well as all the other predators have their eyes on the front of their face.  The eyes face forward.  The deer or gazelle have their eyes on the side of their head.  The lion’s have vision, they can see clearly.  The gazelle have sight.  They can see but they can’t see a clear direction.  Think about this…

Every day a deer wakes up his entire goal is to survive.  ‘Please don’t let a lion eat me today.’  ‘Please don’t let someone shoot me today.’  If I ever came back in another life and I had a choice, I most definitely would not pick deer.  A lion wakes up every day and has a goal.  ‘Kill a prey, attack and eat them.’  They have clear vision and a goals daily.  That’s what I’d like to come back as a lion with clear vision and goals.

Do you have clear vision and goals?  Do you live your life as a lion, or are you a deer?


8-15-13 WOD


Make up lifts.

Met Con:

HSPU x 10

Power Clean x 10

AMRAP 12 minutes