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Doing the Work

While driving back from vacation, I passed some construction workers ‘working’ in the middle of street.  Picture this scene……

5 guys standing there, 1 guy hammering the crap out of something with a sledge hammer and 4 guys standing around watching him leaning on shovels etc.  So Mississippi’s tax dollars were paying for 5 guys to do the work of 1 guy.  I’m sure these guys get paid by the hour to just stand there and not get much accomplished.  At CFB you have to do the work!  You have to be the guy with the sledge hammer going at it.  You can show up all you want, but if you spend your time there watching you won’t get much accomplished.  Show up and do the work, make what you are paying for worth it.  Don’t just stand around and watch, ‘leaning on your shovel,’ dig in!


7-11-13 WOD


Make Up

Met Con:

Burpees x 30 s 

Thrustesr x 30 s (Fran weight) 

1 minute rest 

5 rounds for reps