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Doing what you love…

Do you love your job? ?Do you wake up every day excited about going to work? ?Do you change people’s lives? ?I heard the phrase, ‘golden handcuffs’ ?the other day and it really bothered me. ?It was followed by, ‘I wish I could do what you do.’ ?That bothered me worse. ?The reason it bothered me was because it’s so typical of the worker mindset here. ?I had to inquire what golden handcuffs meant. ?In case you don’t know, it’s that this person got paid so much that they ‘couldn’t afford to leave.’ ?So many people fill their house with stuff. ?They buy things they don’t need, use, or even want. ?They live in homes that are way to big for their family. ?They drive the cars that are way to outlandish or outside their need. ?We spend so much time trying to impress the people that most of the time we don’t even like. ?Why?

Why go to a job you hate? ?Why be unhappy? ?We operate under this assumption that you work, work, work, and one day you can afford to retire and sit on your butt and do nothing? ?Maybe go fishing? ?Maybe travel a little bit?

I urge you to find something fulfilling. ?Spend your money on that. ?If you can pay your bills, get a job that you love to do. ?If you can’t pay your bills, change your bills. ?If you are an artist create art. ?I think everyone can be an artist in their own way. ?I’m an artist in my business. ?The hairstylist can be an artist in her business. ?Find your art. ?Find what you love. ?If you really needed to, you could down size houses, cut the cable bill, and drive a honda. ?Is all that extravagance worth it? ?When I started my business I made a decision to do what I loved to do. ?I looked at all of our bills and decided we could downsize if needed. ?We could make it work. ?I took a $40,000 pay cut with a brand new baby. ?It can be done. ?There’s no difference between you and I just decision to do what is loved.

Take a look at your life and make a decision on what is best for you. ?What can be done. ?Follow your muse. ?If more people did this, we’d have such an amazing place to live. ?Just imagine if people were happy and passionate about what they did! ?Think about it, and if you need more coaxing read the books, The Dip by Seth Godin and 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. ?Follow your passion and see what kind of world you can open up for yourself.

PS: We are hiring 😉