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Don’t Feed The Troll

In this day and age of the internet, we know what trolls are.

They’re those key board warriors that make a comment on your Facebook post or you blog, just to stir up controversy.  There the ones that stand in the shadows of the internet and say things just to piss you off, or bring you down, or make you feel inferior.  They are not your friends.

I want to talk about a different type of troll today.  One that’s way more sinister.  This is the troll that resides within your head.

He’s the little monster that says you can’t do this.  He’s the one that says, ‘that weight is too heavy, or you’re a terrible runner, or you shouldn’t go to that workout today it’ll be too hard.’

He’s also the one that says you suck.  He says you’ll never amount to anything.  He tries to convince you to give up.  He tries to tell you that things are too hard.  He tries to tell you that you’ll never make it.

The more you feed him the stronger he gets.  The more you give in to him the greater his power.

He plays by the same rules as the trolls on the net.  You can’t reason with him.  You can’t argue with him.  The more you engage him, the worse it gets.

Today we make a choice.  Don’t listen to him.  Don’t give in to him.  Most of all don’t feed him, and he’ll get weaker and die.

Don’t feed the troll!


2-26-15 WOD

Make up test/lift

Met Con:

Pull Ups x 50

Push Ups x 50

Sit Ups x 50

KB Swings x 100

For time

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