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you’ve got, I’ve got it, we’ve all got it.  BUT do you let it get the best of you?

Here at CrossFit Bartlett our program is designed to get you the best results possible.  Our coaches are trained to get you to do the things that are best for you.  That may not necessarily be the most weight lifted in a workout.  You may have to go down a band.  You might need to use a lighter kettlebell.

Our workouts are designed to elicit a specific stress and stimulus for that day.  If I write a workout and it’s intent is to be done in 7 minutes and you spend 25 minutes because the weight is too heavy, then you didn’t get the intended stimulus from the workout.  In essence, your ego got in the way of your results.

Ok guys, the girl next to you may be lifting more weight then you.  Get used to it.  Check your ego.  The workout is about you, your personal record, and what YOU can do.

SO, if you want to get the most out of what we have to offer here at CFB and maximize your results, check the ego at the door.  Come in with an open mind, and be willing to be coached.  Ignore what the person next to you is doing if it’s too much for you.  Work on your personal records, AND achieve your goals.

Your ego will be waiting when leave.  🙂

9/23/2014 WOD


Clean and Jerk

Met Con:

L- Pull Ups x 5

Hang Squat Snatch x 5 (unbroken weight)

Double Unders x 20/ Singles x 100

AMRAP 10 minutes

The goal is continuous movement here.

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