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Every Gym is a Snowflake

We have all heard that saying about snowflakes, that each one is different and unique. Gyms are also like snowflakes. Every one is different and unique. They are all owned and operated by different people. This means that each program will be a little different. They will each get different results, and each have different goals. There are several different forms of CrossFit out there. Some do not do lifts before every metcon, some only do lifts on certain days.

There is nothing wrong with doing things differently, but here at CrossFit Bartlett everything we do has a reason behind it. What is the reason that we lift before every metcon? Because everyone from all walks of life can benefit from strength training. What is the reason we don’t follow mainsite? Because we are able to program more specifically than they are. There are hundreds of unique things about every gym. There are good things, there are bad things, and there are ugly things.

If you only focus on the bad things at every gym you will never be happy. I’m not saying ignore the bad things, in fact we have a suggestion box you can use to let us know what we can do better. However just remember that there is usually bad with good and vice versa. So make sure your acknowledging both of them. What can we do better? What are we doing well? Post Comments below!

-Chris aka T.I.

Maria getting that chin over the bar! Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!