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F- The Scale and Why The Biggest Loser is Killing America…

Warning? Rant Coming:

I HATE the Biggest Loser.  Jillian Michaels is a freaking idiot posing as a ‘fitness expert.’  I’ve posted videos before of her single handedly causing millions of herniated discs in people’s backs with horrible Kettle Bell Swing Technique or horrible deadlift technique.  She is NOT an expert.

Aside from all that, in order to make good TV they have mislead all of America.  I read an article the other day from a 2008 winner stating that the shortest time he ever had between ‘weekly’ weigh ins was 16 days.  16 days!  Last time I checked that was over 2 weeks.

Here’s what the Biggest Loser is about.  It’s about taking someone who has something broken with their metabolism and lifestyle, putting them into concentration camp type environments, and than trying to break them down and filming it for good TV.

And the entire focus is on the scale and weight lost.  News flash people, weight on the scale is not a measure of healthy progress.  I have preached this and preached this until I’m blue in the face and we have this stuff propagated over and over again until it’s become the belief.  Wake the hell up people!  Did you guys see the last winner?  Watch This:

Does that look healthy to you? How about this?  

Does she look healthy? This is what a healthy person should look like.  Guess what ladies she’s about 130lbs and 5 ft 2 inches tall.  She weighs 25lbs more than the emaciated Biggest Loser lady, and she’s healthy.

The scale is not a measure of health.  When are we going to wake up and hear that?  Who freaking cares how much you weigh?  We only take weights to measure how much water you should drink, or how much you should eat to support your muscle mass.  If you are interested in general health, throw your scale away.  Get a tape measure and measure your inches.  Did you lose or did you gain this week?  Notice, I said weekly, not daily, you will see fluctuations.  That’s what is important.  

By the weigh just to illustrate a point, I ate a lot of carbohydrates yesterday.  If you know anything about biochemistry, which most of you don’t, when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, when they are stored, they hold water around them.  I gained 7 lbs? in 1 day. Yep you heard it right.  7 lbs in one day, but it’ll come back down to baseline.  It’s just to illustrate a point.  Stop freaking out about your damn scale.  Stop setting unrealistic expectations for your ‘weight loss goals.’  

Start training, lifting weights, eating healthy, and when your clothes start falling off of you, then you are moving in the right direction?. Warning- sometimes your shirts and jeans may fit a little tighter? it’s ok, you’ve added muscle there.  It’s a healthy person problem, but that’ll be another discussion.



To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Clean and Jerk x 15 (touch and go)

 Bear Crawl x 10m 

 5 rounds for time