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Falling Off The Wagon….

I just finished doing a lecture for our Better Body Program on the ‘Cheat Day’ and what that means.

The first thing I talked about was changing your mindset.  When it comes to nutrition.  One of the most detrimental things you can do is go on and off a diet.

What we try to teach here is lifestyle change.  You will never be completely successful if you think of a diet as something you go on for awhile and then you can eat whatever you want.  You may have some success on the front end, but as soon as you go off of it you’ll gain all the fat back and many times you’ll gain more.

The key is finding something that can be a sustainable lifestyle change.  By doing that, you’ll find a healthy lifestyle and continue your progress and keep making gains towards your goals for life.

So in essence there shouldn’t be such a thing as falling off the wagon, or cheating on your diet.  In fact there shouldn’t be such a thing as a diet.

Instead you should view it as healthy and unhealthy choices.  No food is inherently evil or bad.  It just can cause detrimental affects on you and your goals.

So instead of thinking of going on a diet.  Find sustainable life change, that you can stick with forever.  Know that every time you eat something you are making a choice that is moving towards your goals or away from your goals.

It’s cool to make a choice that moves you away from your goals, as long as the majority of the choices move you towards your goals.  Learn how to make smart choices and you can tip the results in your favor.

2-25-15 WOD


Back Squat

Met Con:


Clean and Jerks x 30 (135/95)

For time

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