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Feel the Love February

I wanted to take a second to let you know about this awesome thing we’re doing this month called:

Feel the Love February!

For the week of February 9th – February 14th we are letting our members bring as many friends as they’d like to join us for any class any days that week!

We want to take this opportunity to meet as and help as many new people as possible and reward people for being friends with our members!

So if you have a friend that’s a member, come with them! Come join us and have some fun for the week!

If you don’t have a friend for a member, meet someone at the gym, make a new friend and then come, it’ll be a blast!

See you next week!

2/4/2015 WOD


Met Con:

DB Snatch x 50 (total)

Sit ups x 75

Jumping Lunges x 50

Sit ups x 75   For time

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