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Fight Gone Bad 6 9/17/11

Every year the CrossFit community world wide participates in a fundraiser called Fight Gone Bad. ?Usually CrossFit gyms across the world will do something small with their own members and raise as much money as they can. ?On that day the workout called Fight Gone Bad is completed in memory of fallen soldiers and in celebration of the event. Last year over 1 million dollars was raised to support the foundations causes for that year. This year on 9/17/2011 CrossFit Bartlett is hosting a huge event to benefit the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser. ?We are actually hosting gyms from all over the South East in an effort to raise as much money as possible for the event. ?Our gym goal is to raise $15,000 dollars for the foundations. ?We have a much loftier goal of $250,000 dollars for total fundraising from all of our participants in our event.

We are hoping for 100% gym participation both in fundraising and in the event itself. ?If everyone in the gym asks 10 of their friends to give $15 dollars we will hit our $15,000 gym wide goal. Even if you do not want to compete, we will need volunteers to work the event, and judge.

We are also reaching out to local businesses to get corporate sponsorships. ?We are asking for 5 volunteers who are interested in helping in this effort. ?If you would like to help in this effort please let me know asap!

The foundations that will benefit from this event are:

Special Operations Warrior Foundation click for more details

Here is a video of someone who benefited from the SOWF


Here are the links for the other foundations!

Infant Swimming Resource click for more details

Camp Patriot click for more details

Here is a video explaining the actual workout

Do you know anyone who has been helped by any of these organizations?