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Fight Gone Bad is Almost Here!

Saturday is the Farmer’s Market 7 -1! ?More importantly it’s Fight Gone Bad 6! ?We have been working for months on making this event awesome! ?I’ve been talking about it all week. ?We currently have almost 60 people registered to compete in the event!

We need people to volunteer to judge, and we need spectators!

If you are not competing please come out and make your presence known. ?The more people we have there the better the event! ?If you have a friend that is competing make a poster to support them! ?There is a contest for the best poster!

Please come out and support the causes and your friends! ?Have a great Friday!

Today you can do something incredible:

Pay for a child’s education who lost a special forces father.

Help a wounded veteran get their life back together.

Save a child from drowning.

Donate today!!

Fight Gone Bad from Oceanside Crossfit on Vimeo.