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Foam Rollers and Lacrosse Balls

You may have noticed an abundance of cylindrical objects around the gym that seem to be made of styrofoam. These are foam rollers and they are used for what is called myofascial release. The simple way of explaining this is that your muscles have a covering on them that gets all knotted up over time, and through physical activity. Foam rollers help to undo these knots by flattening them out. To get the most of out of the foam rollers you will need to put the foam roller on an area that feels sore or tight. Then try and work through the knots or tight spots that you feel. Think about a rolling pin on dough kind of motion, try to flatten out the knots as much as possible.

This type of self-maintenance can help increase range of motion, flexibility, and over all well-being. If you feel certain spots are constantly tight or sore, give foam rolling them a try. It can work wonders. There are several other ways you can use foam rollers to increase your health and performance. You can use them to help you stretch our your lower back as well as your hips. If you want to know more about this ask a coach to show you. We also have an abundance of lacrosse balls in the gym. These operate similarly to the foam rollers, however they allow for a more targeted area such as a single spot on your shoulder blade, or in the belly of your hamstring. These are both great tools to keep you moving well. There will be slight discomfort when you use them but don’t worry you will get use to it. Which do you use more the foam roller or the lacrosse ball? Post Comments below!

Chris aka TI

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