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Focusing on the Now 2-20-13 CrossFit in Memphis

I?ve been reading a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  It?s a very interesting book with some interesting thoughts about spirituality and being.  For most people it?s kind of far out there, but there are some great points to contemplate on.  One of the things that really struck me in the book was the idea that ALL negative emotions are founded in either focusing on the past or focusing on the future.      

We are constantly preoccupied with focusing on looking backwards and forwards.   We focus on the past because this is what gives us our sense of identity, and has led us to our current life circumstances.  We focus on the future because it?s where all of our dreams, hopes and fears will play out.   

The key is that you can never actually experience either one right now.  The past is gone, and in reality we only ever experience it as a whole series of nows.  The same is true of the future when it arrives.    

Think about this for a second?. By focusing on the past we are using conditioned responses that we have learned how to feel about or respond to it.  This can be either negative or positive, but usually when people focus on the past it?s negative.  The past can not be changed, so dwelling on it doesn?t do you a ton of good.  The future hasn?t happened yet, and by constantly focusing on it, you can create a sense of stress and anxiety about the current situation.  ?If I could only win the lottery, or if I could only land that new job,? are all focuses on the future that will cause negative emotions that are not useful for you in the present.  There is certainly nothing wrong with trying to change your life situation, but allowing it to cause great anxiety is not healthy.   

What needs to happen is a more centered focus on today.  You can look at your current life situation.  What is happening right now?  Can you change what you are doing right this second?  Will that positively or negatively affect the future life situation?  If you center your focus on the now, you can change what your future is going to be.  Focus on what you can do in the next minute to create a positive outcome.  Enjoy the current moment, and do something to create your future.    




2-20-13 WOD



Snatch 80% 3 x 1

CJ 80% 2 x 1 

Optional Sn. Pulls 

90% x 2 

95% x 2 

100% x 1    

Met Con:

All Levels

Hand Stand Push Ups x 5 

Pull ups x 5 

Shuttle run across the gym

8 rounds for time