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Focusing On What’s Working

Many people can’t see the forrest for the trees.  They get caught up and try to focus on the end goal and can’t figure out how to get there.  Worse yet, they spend all their time focusing on the problems.  If you have a situation that isn’t working maybe you don’t need to focus on what isn’t working.  Maybe you need to focus on the behavior that is working.  For example, some days you show up at the gym and some days you don’t.  What was different about the day you did show up?  What was the behavior that triggered the positive response?  Maybe it was the fact that you packed your gym bag and set it by the door.  Maybe it was that you put your running shoes by your bed.  Whatever that habit was that made you do the positive thing, in this case going to the gym, practice that habit and develop it. 

For nutrition, maybe you were able to exert will power to not partake in something that is bad for you.  What was the behavior that allowed that to happen?  What was the difference in the day that you failed and the day that you succeeded?  Was it the fact that you didn’t have it in your house?  Was it the fact that you worked out before hand and didn’t want to ruin it with bad nutrition?  Maybe the next time you get the urge you need to do some squats or burpees to change your mind.  By focusing on the behaviors that set you up for the desired outcome, you can be more successful.  This is the key to positive behavior change.


7-5-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Deadlifts x 21

Double Unders x 50 / Singles x 200

Deadlifts x 15

Double Unders x 75/ Singles x 400

Deadlifts x 9

Double Unders x 100/ Singles x 600

for time