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Forming New Habits and Discipline….

We spoke before about Discipline here . Remember we talked bout Desire + Discipline= Victory.

Today I want to blow your mind…..

The truth is discipline really isn’t that hard- if you set yourself up the right way.

What I mean is, you don’t need great discipline to have results and constantly overcome your down falls.  In reality, all you really need is enough discipline to make a good habit.

For example, if I make a habit of doing some kind of movement everyday, I don’t have to consciously struggle over the decision.  It moves from my conscious brain (which is exhausting to argue with), to my unconscious auto pilot brain, (which is now habit).

We brush our teeth every day.  (at least most of us do right?) It’s a monotonous, mundane, task that takes up time in our busy morning, but do we get up every day arguing with ourselves about doing it?  Most likely not, because it’s become a habit- a hindbrain, unconscious activity.  We go on auto pilot with it and it’s not a struggle.

You can do the same thing with other healthy habits, like eating the right foods, and exercising.  All you need is the discipline to keep it up continuously so that it becomes a habit.

Many people think habits are formed in 21 days.  The research actually shows that on average it takes about 66 days to form a habit. So if you want to eat better, do it for 66 days, and it won’t be a struggle anymore.  If you want to make exercise a habit do it for 66 days.  If you want to quit smoking do it for 66 days.  That’s all the discipline that’s required.

After that, it becomes a habit, and you no longer need conscious discipline to make it happen.

Make sense?  Now get to it!

What positive habits have you formed that are now just part of the routine?  Post comments below!

8/28/2014 WOD


Clean & Jerk

Met Con:

Thrusters x 5 (10 lbs over Fran weight)

Burpees x 10

8 rounds for time
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