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Friday Night Lights this Friday

This Friday will begin our Friday Night Lights Series.  Starting this week, in our 5:30PM class we will be doing the workout like a competition.

What does that mean?  There will be a coached warm up but no lift.  We will separate the class into heats if we need to.  The workout will be a bench mark workout like Fran etc.  We will announce each person as if they are an athlete in a competition.  Then we will start the music and do the workout together.


Do I have to be an athlete to participate in the class?

Nope. It’s open to everyone, all levels.  The workout will be scaled as necessary.

Can I lift on my own during the WOD?

Nope.  This is an all or nothing event.  Everyone will be involved in participating, judging, and cheering in the event.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can bring a friend to watch the event.  They may not however participate in said event….. bringing a friend to take a picture of you being awesome is encouraged!

How long will the class be?

It will begin promptly at 5:30PM.  It may last longer than an hour depending on turn out.

Will the event be coached?  

Of Course!

Why are you doing this?

We believe it’s important for anyone to feel what it is like to be a part of an athletic event.  The atmosphere and energy is electric and a pretty magical experience.  It’s very rare that someone who currently works in a professional setting is exposed to that type of environment very often.  We want to make that available to you.

Any activities planned afterwards?

Yes we will probably go to dinner after the workout to hang out an enjoy each others company.

Are you in?……. Bring it!

1-13-14 WOD


Sumo DL+ chains 

63% of 1RM

9 x 2 

Met Con:

Deadlifts x 21 

Double Unders x 50 / Attempts for 1 minute then 100 Singles 

Deadlifts x 15
Double Unders x 50 / Attempts for 1 minute then 100 Singles 

Deadlifts x 9
Double Unders x 50/ Attempts for 1 minute then 100 Singles 

For time