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From Paleo Challenge to Paleo Living

This past weekend we wrapped up our Spring Leaning Paleo Challenge. For those of you who didn’t participate the challenge was to eat totally paleo for 6 weeks with the least cheats possible. The goal was to show everyone the changes that happen when you commit to a no grain, no sugar, no starch, meats and vegetable based diet. We saw several things happen. We saw amazing changes in everyone who participated’s body composition and in their performance. I am going to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to the Studsons. Mike and Jen Hudson continue to impress by winning the men’s and women’s group respectively.

This goal of this challenge was not to just have everyone commit to this lifestyle for six weeks, see incredible results, and then return to your pre-challenge diet. Our goal is to introduce you to a new permanent way of life. The results that everyone saw came from just six short weeks of changing the way you eat. Imagine what you’ll see after 12 weeks, after 12 months, after 12 years. At Crossfit Bartlett we strive to provide you with more than just a cutting-edge workout experience. We strive to introduce you to a new way to live. Through the way you move, the way you eat, and even the way you look at obstacles in your life, because after fran whats a flat tire?

I know that at Crossfit Bartlett we have had alot of growth and there are several people that were not around when the Spring Leaning Paleo Challenge started. So what about you guys? We will more than likely hold another challenge in the fall. But what about until then? I challenge everyone to take on your own personal Paleo challenge. You don’t have to post your food everyday on facebook. You can talk to your coaches about your nutrition and any questions you might have. It also doesn’t have to be six weeks it could be two weeks. Just start somewhere and commit to doing your nutrition right because as Justin is so fond of reminding us ‘you cant out train a bad diet.’ Start your own personal challenge and watch the results. You will see and feel amazing changes happen. What did you participants think of the Paleo Challenge? For those who didn’t participate do you wish you could have?

-Chris aka TI

After 6 weeks of the Paleo Challenge here are some pics of the winners!

Mike Hudson







Jennifer Hudson