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Frustration VS Motivation

Everyday when any of us step out onto the floor here at CrossFit Bartlett, We face many tests. Tests of endurance, tests of strength, and tests of mental fortitude. The unfortunate reality is that we will not always pass all of these tests with the flying colors that we had hoped we would. How do you deal with those days when you don’t hit the PRs you want? There are two ways that I see people go about this occurrence.

The first is with frustration. Plenty of people get frustrated when they miss PR’s or don’t do as well as they wanted on a certain WOD. They get angry because things didn’t go the way they wanted. This then leads to a negative spin on everything else that happens whether it is intentional or not. A negative attitude drastically affects not only you but everyone in your immediate vicinity. This is obviously not the right way to go about dealing with failure.

The second way that people deal with misses is to get more driven. When some people fail they decide that they will train harder and eat more clean and work as hard as possible, so that the next time they step back to the bar to perform that lift or do that WOD they will not fail. The failure that those people experience fuels them and enables them to work harder. This is the attitude that I have seen to better results than being frustrated by a WOD. Those individuals who are driven by failure are those that are always striving to work as hard as possible to make sure that specific failure never happens again.

Next time you fail do not let it derail you and your fitness pursuits. Decide right then and there that the next time you step up to the pullup bar or underneath the barbell that you will not make that same mistake and do everything you can to make sure you are ready for the next test. What has frustrated you in the past? does it still? What kind of failures motivate you?

Amanda getting some box jumps in! Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!