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Functional Fitness: White Board Style

You guys may have noticed that we have a lot of white boards in our building. We write our met cons, lifts, nutritional challenges, and announcements on them. What is so special about white boards? White boards are just the new and updated version of chalk boards. You may ask why we don’t just write everything down in black and white and make life easier for ourselves. It’s as simple as this, our pursuit of fitness changes over time. One month we might go heavier, and another we might go with more of a bodyweight emphasis.

As our pursuit changes the methods with which we operate must also change. That is what is so awesome about white boards. They allow for simple, quick revision. CrossFit in general is a white board style fitness program. Once we try something such as a lifting cycle, if everything works well, then great. If some things work and some things don’t we keep the good and throw out the bad. We are constantly revising and trying new things at our gym. Some gyms have a set way to do everything. They have a set cycle they put people through based on how long they have been there, they have set workouts they do every year, and they get the same results every year. At CrossFit Bartlett, we are trying to constantly get better results, better times, and bigger weights.

So how could someone apply this white board style to their own life? There are a lot of things everyone encounters that can be experimented on and revised. Nutrition is one of the big ones. You can experiment with what meals make you feel the best. The things that don’t work, throw them out, and keep the good ones. You can constantly repeat this process with a number of things; how much you stretch before a workout, how much you sleep,when you workout, how often you eat. The possibilities are endless. What do you guys do in true white board style? Are you constantly revising in your own life?

Our Women’s Only Class row row rowing their boat! Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!