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Time is running out!! ?Our goal was 100% gym participation for Fight Gone Bad. ?Even if you aren’t coming to the workout, you can still help raise money for the three great causes we highlighted this week…..

There are gyms who have raised over $20,000 dollars. ?If everyone in our gym raised enough to get a shirt ($150) we would be over $15,000 dollars for the gym! ?We can do this!

The organizations again are:

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Camp Patriot

Infant Swimming Resource

All of them worthy of our donations!!

I’d like to highlight some fundraising tips in case you are worried about raising money!

Do these in order.

– Donate $25 to yourself. If you?re committed, others will be too.

– Email your family and ask for a minimum of $25. They?re your #1 supporters.

– Email, tweet or Facebook your link to anyone who ever borrowed money from you. If they paid you back it?s a good way to say thank you. If they didn?t their donation makes a ? ? ?good down payment.

– Email, tweet or Facebook your co-workers, vendors, managers, your boss or anyone you do business with. The fact that you?re doing something to support others speaks well of ?you.

– Email, tweet or Facebook anyone you ever helped move. No one can ever pay you enough for that!

– Email, tweet or Facebook your old girlfriends/boyfriends. If they?re still speaking to you they?ll support you. If they aren?t it will show them you?ve changed.

– Post your link to ten Facebook friends a day. When they realize there are no forms to fill out it?s a snap.

– Tweet your link once a day and ask for a retweet. A funny message or photo doesn?t hurt either.

– Post and share a 30 second YouTube video with a link to your donation page. Make it funny or tell your story. Either way, people will watch.

– Email, tweet or Facebook one high school or college classmate a day and let them know what you?re doing.

Time is ticking…. tick, tick, tick….

Today you can do something incredible:

Pay for a child’s education who lost a special forces father.

Help a wounded veteran get their life back together.

Save a child from drowning.

Donate today!!