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My fitness journey started July 7, 2014, when my doctor told me I was borderline diabetic, that wasn’t going to cut it, as I had already lost both parents to this awful disease, and have now lost a sister and will be losing a brother. So my question was what needs to be done to stop this progress, and the doctor said a life change, with eating and fitness. On that day I made the decision I wanted to watch my grandbabies grow up, so I had to get and stay healthy. For the next 10 months I started eating healthier and working out in my home, then one day I kept getting Facebook commercials about the World’s Best Bootcamp. After talking with my husband and with his blessing as I had already dropped a few sizes and was feeling so much healthier, I took a huge step and contacted Crossfit Bartlett, speaking with Krystal, who listened to my story and at the end said “so I’ll see you Saturday”. That Saturday June 27, 2015 I walked into the doors of CFB scared to death as I had no idea what it was going to be like, when I left there I was tired, hot, sweaty but felt amazing as I had done something I never did before and that was worked out in front of people and felt like they really cared about me. After 2 bootcamps, and 10 months crossfit, and 2 nutritional classes, I can say this has been the best decision of my Fitness Journey. When I first walked into CFB on June 27, 2015 you could not have made me believe that in 14 months, I would be as healthy, fit and strong enough to finish my biggest Fitness challenge and that is a Spartan Race, well I did just that a week ago, and it made my confidence go through the roof. CFB has become my home away from home we are a family that supports each other and always there, so no one is last.

Taking that huge step has made me the healthier, fitter, stronger confident woman I am today, and I thank God for placing CFB in my path so I might be able to spend longer years with all 7 of my grandbabies, who are my motivation everyday.