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Getting Back On the Wagon CrossFit in Memphis

by Justin Emmons

Getting back on the wagon.  It’s the last day in California.  I’ve been eating like crap, sleeping like crap, working hard and doing some playing.  As a result, I’ve got an awesome hacking cough/ stuffy nose cold going on, and I’m not quite fitting in my shirts like I should.  It’s a result that I expected.  It’s easy to fall off the wagon.  The key is that when I get back into town, it’s time to get back on the wagon.  It’s time to buckle down, GSD, and get ready to hit some of my goals!  When you fall off the wagon do you get back on?  It’s easy to fall off and stay off, but getting back on is the key to success.

13.2 XFit -March 16, 2013--107

8-1-13 WOD

Burpees x 50

Squats x 50

Double Unders x 50/ Singles x 100

1K row

For time