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Give and Share the Love

Saturday is Fight Gone Bad 6!!

Participate in our Give and Share the Love Event

Here is what we are willing to do:

If you have a friend sign up for a membership with CFB within the next week you can sponsor their membership through a Fight Gone Bad Donation.

What will happen is your friend signs up to join the CFB family.

You donate a sum of money to your Fight Gone Bad account in their honor.

CrossFit Bartlett will match that sum of money in your Fight Gone Bad account.

Here’s the awesome part…. whatever the total is of your donation and our matching, your friends get in a discount off of their first month of membership!! For example, your friend Joe signs up for a CFB membership. You put $20 in your FGB account in Joe’s honor. We match that and also contribute $20 to your FGB account. Joe receives $40 off his first month’s membership.

Give to Fight Gone Bad and Share the love of CFB!

Our goal is 100% gym participation in some form or fashion with FGB. ?You can fundraise, participate in the event, help set up, help judge etc.

We need you to sign up by Tuesday. ?We have put a ton of work and effort into making this thing happen. ?The more people that show the better event it will be.

Click here to sign up to participate

Click here to create an account and begin fundraising

17 minutes makes a difference!