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Goals and Paths

What path are you on?  Why are you here at CFB?  Are you here to lose body fat?  Are you hear to gain muscle?  Are you hear to live a longer and healthier life?  What about performance?  I’m extremely excited to announce that we are going to delve more deeply into your specific goals as a group.  Of course CFB has always provided superior training, coaching, and guidance to help you get to where you want to go, but we are going to take it one step further….

In the past we have done quarterly goal setting with people based off of when they joined the gym.  This has worked out ok, but we’ve decided to shake things up.  We will now do EVERYONE’S quarterly coaching at the end of each quarter.  With these meetings you will be spending some one on one time with your coach. During that time we will be separating you into one of four different categories.

T1- Transformation 1= Decrease in body fat

This category will be for people looking to dramatically decrease your body fat over the next 3 months.

T2- Transformation 2= Increase in muscle

This category will be for people looking to increase your muscle mass over the next 3 months.

L- Longevity

This category will be for people who are just looking to increase their quality of life and stay healthy but are happy with their body composition.

P- Performance

This will be our competition team who is happy with body composition and want to take their performance to the next level.  In order to be in this category you must be 4 x a week or higher in your training because this will take some dedication on your part.

Our program will remain the same but be even more in depth on a personal level for you.  I’m excited to bring you this opportunity to Upgrade Your Life and get you to the next level faster!


6-11-13 WOD

Levels Testing

Met Con:


Level 3/ Level 2

2 Mile Run and 30 pull ups


2 Mile Run and 25 pull ups

Level 1/ Beginner

1 Mile Run and 30 Pull ups