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Goat Work

Our goats are those skills that we aren’t very good at.  ALL of us have them.  That darn double under that you just can’t seem to master, or the infamous Snatch that you need to practice.

My question to you is do you actually practice them?  Are you working on getting better at those movements?  OR do you skip workouts that have those movements in them?

How do you handle adversity?  Do you face it head on or shy away?

Our coaches are here to help you, and we all have things we need to work on, so I urge you to use your skill sessions to work on them.  Meet with a coach and get some things hammered out to increase your skills.

Our training encourages you to work on your weaknesses until they are no longer weaknesses.  Work on your goats or you’ll stagnate in your progress.

What are your goats?  Post in the comments?

8-6-14 WOD

Tall Clean and Jerk

Snatch Pulls

Met Con:

KB Swing x 21 (unbroken ideally with Helen weight)

Pull ups x 21

Push Ups x 21

3 rounds for time


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