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Got Sleep?

If you’ve spent any time with me over the past several years, you’ve probably heard me talk about sleep and how it affects your health, wellbeing, cognitive function, and body fat.  For me this falls under the no brainer category.  Just ask my staff, after the long trip I had this weekend and little to no sleep the night before last, I was so grumpy my staff told me I needed to get out of the office, so I did.  I was not in a positive mood, and it was mostly due to lack of sleep. I proceeded to go home and I was sleeping by 9PM last night.  This morning I feel much much better and am excited about getting some work done again!  

Sleep or lack of it causes so much more damage then we know!  We are just discovering how bad it can be.  Here is a study about sleep and how it ‘switches off’ 100’s of genes that help prevent obesity, and cancer among other things.  HOLY COW! that’s big news.  Lack of sleep can actually be promoting cancer….. that’s what we call a big deal.  If you want to optimize health, and be the fittest you can be…… get some sleep, ideally more then 7 hours a night!  

Here’s a link to the article about the study:  Check it out!


3-6-13 WOD


Kipping or Butterfly Pull ups

Met Con:

Pull ups x 5 

Sit ups x 7 

Wall Balls x 9 

AMRAP 12 minutes