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Greasing The Groove – Crossfit in Memphis

Here at CrossFit Bartlett, we have a warm up that we do every single day. ?It’s written on the board, and if you’ve been here longer then a month, it’s expected that you know and do a version of everything on the warm up board. ?Why you ask? ?You see, most of the things on the warm up board are there because people are generally bad at them. ?We have pull ups, and dips, knees to elbows, hand stand push ups, etc. etc. ?These things are largely skill based, and if you do not practice them, then you will never get any better at them. ?The tendency for most people is to skip the things you are bad at and do only the things you are good at. ?This will never get you any better. ?The point of fitness and CrossFit is to perform at a high capacity at anything physical. ?You will never expand your physical prowess if you do not also practice the things you are bad at. ?Practice the things you are bad at daily, and eventually you will not be bad at them anymore. ?We call this ‘Greasing the Groove.’ ?If you see pull ups or hand stand push ups on the warm up board, embrace them and take on the challenge. ?Do them with the focused intent on getting better at them today, don’t just go through the motions. ?If you do this, you will improve faster, and your overall fitness and performance will also improve faster. ?What movement do you need to ‘grease the groove on?’ ?Post Comments below!

Elisabeth dominating that tire! Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!