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Guess Work or Science? 08-08-11

Part 1

Do you do your own programming? ?Do you follow what you read in Men’s Health or Cosmo? ?Do you just wonder around from one machine to another trying to figure out what to do next? ?Do you bounce from program to program always chasing the next best thing? ?If your answers to any of these questions are yes, then you are just guessing at what you are doing. ?Working out like this is the equivalent of spitting in the wind. ?There should always be a point to what you are doing, and it should be focused and founded in exercise physiology. At CFB, while we do constantly vary our daily routine, there is a plan to what we are doing. ?I’ve received many questions about programming, why we do what we do, and how we come up the workouts that we do. ?In an effort to not get too deep into exercise physiology, I’m going to brush over what we do as a whole in our programming.

The first thing we focus on is strength training. ?There are many programs out there to get stronger, and many of them are successful for some people. ?In our programming we categorize people based off of deficiencies in certain lifts.

We test deadlift, back squat, overhead press, bench press, pull ups, front squat, snatch, clean and jerk, snatch balance, and many more. ?From that information we classify you in several different ways. ?You can be a beginner aka novice in your training age. ?From their you progress to what we call an advanced beginner. ?When your lifts and knowledge of the lifts get up to par we then classify you from the other lifts. ?You can be deadlift deficient, pulling deficient, pressing deficient, front squat deficient, back squat deficient, stronger then you are fast, or faster then you are strong.

Based off of all these classifications we periodize your strength training program. ?We use a combination of things that I have learned from working with the University of Florida Tennis Teams, Texas A & M University Football Teams, University of Oklahoma Football teams, and the 11 years of experience I have in coaching athletes and normal people. ?We also use a combination of West Side Barbell, Wendler 5-3-1, CrossFit Strength Bias, and Max Effort Black Box programs. ?Feel free to google any of those programs to learn more information on them. ?They all have merits and their place in strength training. Once we finish strength training daily, we move into our conditioning portion of training. ?We call this metabolic conditioning. ?I will go more into detail about this in the next installment. ?If you don’t train with us, what type of strength training do you do? ?If you do train with us, how much have you improved on our program? ?Post comments below!

Melissa Crutcher working on our Back Squat strength! ?Click here for more pics on Flickr