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Guess Work or Science? 08-09-11

Part 2

At CFB, after we do our strength training, we go into what we call Metabolic Conditioning. ?’While this is constantly varied, it is not done with out a plan. ?We do not program like traditional body building programs by body part; i.e. back and biceps, or chest and triceps day. ?We classify movements in a few different categories by type.

We have weight lifting movements that consist of you and an implement of weight (could be medicine balls, barbells, kettlebells, etc.)

Next we have gymnastics movements that consist of anything body weight from pull ups, push ups, to hand stand push ups.

Finally we have mono-structural movements. ?These movements are what you would consider traditional cardio movements like jump rope, running, rowing etc.

The next thing that we consider for our programming is energy systems. ?Each energy system is important and by improving certain energy systems, performance will increase when using that energy system in a workout. ?There are three major categories of energy systems, phosphogenic, glycolytic, and aerobic. When we at CFB consider energy systems, we break it down even more. ?You can subdivide those energy systems into even more specific stimuli. ?We have alactic anaerobic capacity and endurance. ?We also have lactic anaerobic capacity and endurance. Finally we have aerobic interval and continuos.? It would be too much detail for me to delve into each one of these for this post, but suffice it to say it is important to hit all them for overall better fitness.

As you can see, there is a ton of exercise physiology and planning that goes into our programming. ?We have many many things to consider, and we put them together in a program that it’s constantly varied, but planned for a reason. We cycle through different types of movements, combinations of movements, and energy systems every week. ?I know that this explanation is complex and this explanation by no means is an end all be all of what we do. ?My goal was to show a little bit about what goes into the planning of your workouts, and I hope that if you are programming your own workouts you have a plan and aren’t just guessing what to do next. ?Feel free to ask any questions you may have. ?Did you realize there was so many things to consider when programming your workouts? ?Post comments below!

Melissa taking a post WOD nap! ?Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!