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Halloween, a.k.a. ‘the two-week sugar high’

It’s October. Kids are {hopefully} planning their Halloween costumes and getting excited about going trick-or-treating. And I can’t blame them… grocery store shelves have been stocked top-to-bottom with candy and weird decor for a month now, and the candy corn is tempting me every time I go to Walgreen’s. Just thinking about Halloween gives some kids a sugar high. So how do we, as parents (or Auntie Rah, in my case) handle the massive influx of candy and treats that are so unhealthy for our kids? I’m not saying eliminate the consumption of candy altogether – we know how impossible that is! – but just manage it. Here are a few ideas:

  • Feed the kids a healthy dinner before they go trick-or-treating to discourage unhealthy snacking while they’re out.
  • Allow kids to have a certain number of pieces of candy on Halloween, then store the stash out of sight. They then have to ask for their limited piece(s) per day, if they even remember!
  • Serve up the candy with something healthy to balance it out as much as possible. Most candies are carbs/fat, so serve with a protein, like turkey jerkey or hard-boiled eggs.
  • If your kids are overweight, consider buying their Halloween candy from them. This acknowledges that the candy belongs to them, but provides an alternate treat in the form of spending money
  • Set an example and eat in moderation yourself!
  • Last, start a trend! Be the neighbor who serves healthy snacks, like homemade trail mix or pre-packaged coconut balls. Maybe others in the neighborhood will catch on.

Obviously, this is a holiday that will come around every year, so the more you can help your kids get through it healthfully, the better off they’ll be for years to come.

Logan sets up for a sumo deadlift high pull. Check out more kids’ pics here!