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Happy New Year 2014?. CrossFit in Memphis

On the day when so many people are turning over their New Year’s Resolutions, I thought I’d post one of my favorite blogs about why not to train us.

Originally posted on: May 31st, 2011

Reasons Not to Train With Us:

When the gym first started I had a mindset that I needed to please everyone.  My thoughts then were that CrossFit is for everybody.  I fully believed that anyone could benefit from CrossFit, and what we at CrossFit Bartlett had to offer.  We were hungry.  We needed members.  I felt like I needed to sell everyone.  As I’ve grown as a coach and a more established brand, I’ve realized that my thoughts were close but not quite right.  Although everyone CAN DO CrossFit, CrossFit is not for everybody.  What do I mean by that you ask?

CrossFit is freaking hard!  In fact for many people it’s the hardest thing that they have accomplished all day!  If you want to do CrossFit you have to WANT to do CrossFit.  It’s not something you just go through the motions and expect to get results.  The problem with society today is that we’ve been brainwashed into believing that 20 mins on the elliptical machine is all we need.  We can just glide our way to being fit and trim, while reading our magazine and watching Oprah reruns.  Then we hit the smoothie bar on the way out, because smoothies are definitely healthy, and we finish up by sitting in the sauna for an hour. Well my friends how many of you have been doing that 20 mins for years and are still unhappy with your results?  If it were that easy, everyone would be fit and I would have another career.

I don’t believe I am better then anyone.  I try not to come off as holier then thou, but I am very direct.  Which sometimes people take as me being an a-hole.  In actuality I really want what is best for you.  If that’s training with CrossFit then great.  We would love to have you.  

These are some reasons that CrossFit may not be right be for you:

12) What we do is hard- If you don’t want to work hard then maybe this place isn’t for you.

11) We coach you- You can’t just mindlessly watch tv while on your elliptical.  We push you to make you work harder then you ever have before.  That may not be your cup of tea.

10) We don’t let you whine- Instead of listening to you whine about your situation, we encourage you to be proactive, change it, and make it better.  You may not want that kind of support.

9) We teach you new things- Instead of doing the same thing over and over, we constantly teach you new movements and expect you to master them over time.  Constantly trying to get better may be too tough for what you want.

8) We don’t have mirrors or tv’s- We actually expect you to train when you are here, and you will be working too hard to check yourself out in the mirror.  You may enjoy flexing in the mirror to much to give that up.  You have to see how cute you look in your workout clothes while training right?

7) We tell you the truth- We don’t sugar coat things.  When you are doing something right we praise you.  When you are doing something wrong we let you know.  Sometimes it’s tough when people don’t always just kiss our butt.

6) We expect you to improve- We actually expect you to get results.  If you are not, then we are having a conversation about what you are doing to counteract what we are doing. You may not want to be held accountable.

5) We measure results-  We keep score.  We keep journals.  We document results. You may not want the pressure of actually getting results.

4) We charge too much- We charge enough to where you may feel obligated to go.  We feel that by providing a professional facility with professional coaches adds value to our members.  You may not want to be part of gym that cares that much about their people.

3) We call you when you don’t show up- Who wants that kind of accountability?

2) We give homework- You may not want to be part of something that expects you to actually get better.

1) We actually care about you and your family- If something is going on with you we want to know.  If your dad dies we will go to his funeral.  You may not want to be a part of a community that cares about you.

If those things sound like a place that you’d rather not be, then please feel free to try something else.  If those things sound like something you could be into, give us a call! 901-388-9979


WOD 1-1-13

Met Con:

‘The Hangover Cure’

Death by Burpees.

First minute do 1 burpee. The second minute do 2 burpees, ect. until you can no longer complete the number of reps within the allotted 60s time frame. 

Rest 1 min.

Then do

Death by Air Squats same rep scheme as above.