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Have We Gone Soft?

Maybe it’s nothing….

Maybe it’s because people had fall breaks, and lots of plans etc.

OR maybe it is something.  I’ve seen what I call a concerning trend…..
on days where workouts look like they’re going to be difficult our attendance has been way down.

We post the workouts before hand so that you can use it as a planning guide to figure out
clothing, the right shoes, equipment needs, the right mental attitude etc. We post coaching videos for you to use to help you get ready for the workout.

We do not however post the workouts so that you can cherry pick and only come to the ones
that you’d like, or don’t think are going to be that hard.

CrossFit is about being generally physically prepared (GPP for short). In order to do that you need to exposed to all different types of things not just the things you like to do.  Sometimes the workouts are a grind.  Sometimes they’re going to be hard.  Sometimes you’re going to do things that you’re not a fan of or not good at….

It’s ok.  That’s the point. If you only worked on the things you’re great at, you’d never progress your fitness. We work on everything, so the things you’re not great at will get better as well.  That will make you more fit.

So I encourage you to look at the workouts before hand if it helps you. If it makes you not come, don’t look.

BUT either way, show up, do your best, and lets get better.  Let’s do the things you think you can’t do. Let’s prepare for the unknown and unknowable. Let’s get results.

Embrace it and it will love you back.

See you at the whiteboard!


10-27-14 WOD


Clean Pulls @ 90% x 3

95% x 3

100% x 3

Snatch DL

100% x 3 100% + 10lb

2 x 3

 Met Con:

100m Sprint

EMOM for 12 minutes