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Healthy Competition

When we workout in a group setting something special happens.  Whether it’s subconscious or conscious your competitiveness comes out.  Working out next to someone else helps push you more and allows you to go harder then you would’ve went on your own.  It also subconsciously allows you to go further before you quit.  There are many times while doing a workout when I want to quit, but if I am with someone else, I won’t.  This creates an environment for your success.  Use this to your advantage.  Join the group classes and use it to motivate you.  Pick someone in the class and quietly compete with them and see how much better you can make yourself.  Do you compete with anyone in class?  Is there a person that helps motivate you?


7-9-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:

6K Row  

3 person teams. 1 person rows while the other two hold some
sort of plank position either push up or elbow plank for more advanced athletes
or bottom of a squat.  

As soon as
someone breaks plank or squat you must switch people rowing.  Rower
is only allowed to do 500m or less at a time.