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Helping Others… CrossFit in Memphis

I have been blessed.  My business has done well.  I have a beautiful wife and kids.  I’m not rich, but I’m able to pay my bills and take my family out to dinner etc.  I’ve worked extremely hard for these things, and they have not come easy?. none the less, I have been blessed.

There are some that have not been so fortunate.  Life has dealt them a rough hand, and even though they may be trying, they are still struggling.  Sometimes they need help picking themselves up.  Sometimes a small gesture can be the difference maker in that person’s life.  This holiday season, we have been given two amazing opportunities to help others.

1) Fitness Starts With Food

This has been a nationwide healthy food drive effort to collect 1 million pounds of food.  I’m not sure what the total is yet, but I know that CFB is halfway to our goal of 1,000lbs.  We will be collecting food throughout the rest of this week.  In conjunction with that, anyone who wants to participate in Friday’s workout can bring in 2 lbs of food.  You can bring your friends to any class all day, as long as they bring food in.  It’s going to be a great day, and I know we can help the 400,000 people the mid south food bank services.

2) Christmas In a Red Bag

This program is put on by Highpoint Church.  Each year, members nominate deserving single mom’s who could use the help.  They list what their kids clothes sizes are, and what their wish list is for Christmas.  CFB has volunteered to help one of these families.  We have 160 members and between us, we can do something very special for this family.  

She has four kids of varying ages, and I feel in my heart we can make their Christmas this year.  If you want to participate, we will be collecting gifts through the 21st.  We are in dire need of generous people who want to fulfill the list.  Here is a link to the list of items.  Please help us get everything on the list. 

Feel free to purchase more than one thing.

Again here is the link to the wish list.  

Thank you guys so much for giving CFB the opportunity to do amazing things in our community!



Met Con:


800m run

KB Swings x 30

Pull ups x 30

5 rounds for time