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Here for a reason? CrossFit in Memphis

Do you believe that life is just chance? ?Things happen to all of us good and bad. ?Do you think that things happen for a reason or is it just by chance? ?I believe wholeheartedly that things happen for a reason, and since it’s my blog, you get to hear what I think! ?I think you’ve come into contact with CrossFit Bartlett for a reason. ?I think you’ve stumbled onto this blog for a reason. ?I think that reason is for you to be great. ?I think you deserve to get results. ?You were meant to unlock all of your potential, and you have stumbled across this corner of the world wide web in order to make that happen. ?My question to you is this….. what the heck are you waiting for? ?You’ve found a way to become the best you can be. ?Now all you have to do is act on it. ?Show up, do your best daily, never ever ever quit. ?See you at the gym!




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