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Holiday Schedule 2013

As you may or may not know, Trai, Kasia, and I put in a lot of hours each week making this CFB experience happen for you.  Christmas is coming up and this is the time that our full time staff take off in order to recharge, reset, and come back fired up and ready to go for the new year.

The way we have it set up for you is also awesome.  We have open gym times almost everyday through the end of December and first week of January.  During these times, it’s your opportunity to come in and not only get a workout on, but practice with coaches any skill that you’d like to practice for as long as you want to work on it.  It’s your opportunity to get one on one time in the gym. 

Think of it as personal training for free!  Struggling with your handstand?  We’ve got coaches there to help you practice.  Want to work on your pull ups?  Great get ‘r done!  Make sure you take advantage of this awesome opportunity.  It’s going to be great for you!  

Also, don’t forget to keep with your body weight challenge!

Holiday Schedule:

Saturday December 21st- 9AM-12PM

Sunday December 22nd- 2PM-5PM

Monday December 23rd- 6AM-9AM

Tuesday December 24th- Closed

Wednesday December 25th- Closed

Thursday December 26th- Closed

Friday December 27th- 4PM-7PM

Saturday December 28th- 9AM-12PM

Sunday December 29th- 2PM-5PM

Monday December 30th- 11AM-2PM

Tuesday December 31st- 6AM-9AM

Wednesday January 1st- 4PM-7PM

Thursday January 2nd- 9AM-12PM

Friday January 3rd- 11AM-2PM

Saturday January 4th- 9AM-12PM

Sunday January 5th- Closed

Monday- January 6th Resume Normal Schedule

Have a fantastic Holiday Season!



Met Con:

Level 3

Forward roll x 3

Overhead Squat x 21

Forward roll x 2

OHS x 15

Forward roll x 1

OHS x 9

For time

Level 2

Forward roll x 1

OHS x 21

Roll x 1

OHS x 15

Roll x 1

OHS x 9

For time 

Level 1/ Beginner

Log roll back and forth x 5

OHS x 21

Log roll x 4

OHS x 15

Log roll x 3

OHS x 9

For time