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How To Choose A CrossFit Gym

CrossFit Bartlett


Before you start your CrossFit training, be sure to take the time to compare CrossFit gyms: Their coaching experience and approach, their level of service, as well as their facilities and equipment. One of the Memphis area’s first CrossFit facilities, CrossFit Bartlett offers a number of advantages. Take a closer look at CrossFit Bartlett and what makes us — and our members — different.


Our coaches hold multiple university degrees as well as CrossFit credentials across a range of training and fitness disciplines. We’ve coached some of the world’s best collegiate athletes to championship performances. And we apply the same level of personalized, effective training to each and every CrossFit Bartlett member regardless of fitness level or ability.


At CrossFit Bartlett, you’re not a just a member of our gym. You’re a member of our extended family. Our coaches notice when you don’t show up for class, and take the time to find out why. They check in with you regularly to see how you’re doing, where you’re struggling, and how we can maximize your success. They’ll stop you in the middle of a workout to correct your form and coach your technique. They’ll support and encourage you, but they’ll also make sure you’re pushing yourself farther than you ever thought possible.


We are a CrossFit-exclusive facility with a unique approach to programming that gets proven results for our members. Our classes combine the most effective elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell training, bodyweight exercises, and high-intensity metabolic and interval conditioning to build extremely fit, well-rounded athletes. It’s the hardest workout you’ll probably ever experience, but it’s never boring and always rewarding.


At CrossFit Bartlett, our coaches take our members’ safety very seriously. We train with a focus on proper form and technique for all movements and exercises, making sure you have a solid understanding of the basics and a level of confidence before upping the intensity. You’ll push yourself, but you’ll be coached to be smart and safe about it. All movements are scaled appropriately according to varying fitness levels and abilities.


Located on 5790 Ferguson Road in Bartlett, TN, our 6,000 square-foot facility features the full gamut of CrossFit equipment — enough to go around for all our members. We keep classes small to allow for personalized coaching, so our athletes have plenty of room to perform the movements safely and properly. We also keep our gym clean and well organized for a positive member experience.


CrossFit Bartlett boasts one of the closest, most supportive and inclusive communities around. Our members challenge and encourage one other, celebrate each others’ accomplishments, and refuse to let anyone give up. We’re a community outside class as well, getting together for special events, clinics, friendly competitions, pot-lucks and just because we enjoy each other’s company.