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How to Eat an Elephant

How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time. Here at Crossfit Bartlett we are all chasing the same thing: elite fitness. We all want to be healthier stronger human beings, because in the words of Mark Rippetoe, World Class Strength & Conditioning coach, ?Strong people are harder to kill than weak people?. Elite fitness is not something that happens overnight. Striving after elite fitness also requires a lot of commitment outside of the gym. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when trying to achieve your maximum performance. Things like sleep, when you eat, and what you eat all play key roles in how you perform under the bar and in everyday tasks outside of the gym. At first glance all of those things can seem like some pretty big elephants to eat. We aren?t asking you to eat them all in one sitting. Things like sleeping at least nine and a half hours a night, and not eating any bread or fruit period are huge changes to make over night. If you are able to do quit all the bad foods right away, Great! That?s amazing and you probably have an iron will. However, e

veryone is different and not everyone can give up that apple they eat every morning instantly. I know that I still struggle from time to time giving up a certain peanut butter & chocolate candy in an orange wrapper. The practices that we advocate here at Crossfit Bartlett are processes. Everyday we should strive to take one more step towards going to bed earlier or eating less fruit and more veggies. What are some elephants that you are currently taking some bites out of? What are some that you have finished off? Still have yet to face?

-T.I. aka Chris


Joe going strong overhead! Click here to go to our flickr photostream!