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How to Peel a Banana

Have you guys seen this video?  If you haven’t then check it out.  It’s a video about the most efficient way to peel a banana.  I know it’s something common and mundane, but if it’s so common why does it have 4.5 million views?  The reason why is that it is common, mundane, and also revolutionary.  It’s a different way to look at something and it makes a positive or better experience.  Many people are looking for these huge extravagant exercise programs, or diet plans to get in shape, when sometimes their are some easy and mundane tricks you can use to help you progress towards your goals.

Here’s one for you…..

Chew your food.  40% of your digestion begins in your mouth.  If I eat a bite of chicken and broccoli chomp on it twice and swallow it, my gut is not going to absorb that nutrients.  I will pass it right out of my system.  If I chew the food at least 30 times, my teeth grind it up, my saliva begins to digest the food, and the stomach has a shot of breaking it down into absorbable nutrients.  It’s boring, and mundane, mostly overlooked, and never thought about, but critically important and a novel idea…. kind of like peeling a banana.

6-27-13 WOD


Make Up

Met Con:



Double Unders

Sit ups

or ‘Annie’s Single’

250-200-150-100-50 Singles

50-40-30-20-10 Sit ups