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I Don’t Have Time

Guess what guys, the staff at CrossFit Bartlett are normal people too.  It’s funny to me when I hear people talking about not having time to work out.  This may come as a shock to you or at least paradoxical, but we, especially I as the owner, struggle to find time to workout as well!  Yes I know I own a gym.  You want to know something funny?  I built a home gym over Christmas, to try and make sure I got a training session in.  You see, not only is the gym a gym, but it’s also 50 feet from my office.  I own a business.  I have 160 clients that I need to keep happy.  I have to figure out how to drive the business forward.  I have families including my own depending on the success of our business.  We are trying our best to eek out a livelihood providing an exceptional service to you the client.  Sometimes, it’s hard for me to unplug from the ‘office’ side of it, and walk out onto the floor and dedicate an hour of time I could be ‘productive’ to training.  Yes I know it’s important.  Yes I know the benefits.  Believe me, I’m my biggest self critic!  Recently, I decided that no matter what, I’m going to get some training sessions in.  I blocked out the time like an appointment, I’ve been getting it done.  Guess what happened!  I’ve been more productive.  I feel better physically and emotionally.  I also laser focus on tasks better and am able to get my list of things done for the day!  As a by product, I’m feeling healthier and have shaved some body fat, and gotten stronger.  It’s amazing what making a commitment to train does for you.  I have not had to turn my computer on at my house for the past month or so, allowing me to focus on the family at home.  So yes, I’ve taken some ‘productivity’ time away during the day, but that hour of training has made me more productive!  As you can see, I am a normal person.  I have the same issues you do.  I just have to choose to do something about them, just like you do.  You may be surprised at the outcome.


5-23-13 WOD


Will be discussed in class.

Met Con:

400m run

10 Burpees

1 minute rest

4 rounds for time