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I don’t have time…

I don’t have time is a farce.  What it really means is, ‘it wasn’t important enough to make it to the top of my list.’  We waist thousands of hours a month on things that don’t really do much for you.  Sure checking Facebook may give you an addictive hit of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good), but was it really worth it?  Did you waste 5 mins that couldn’t been used on something productive?

For example, ‘I don’t have time to work out today.’  I’m busy too, sometimes I do as many burpees as I can in 5 minutes before my shower in the AM.  Do you think I got a good workout in?  You bet I did. I did it fasted right out of bed, it woke me up, gave me a good heart rate boost, it’ll make my brain work better all day, AND it was time well spent as opposed to lying in bed for 5 minutes playing on my phone on Facebook.

There’s always time for the important stuff.  Check out your priorities and then go from there.

5-22-2014 WOD


Clean & Jerk

70% x 3

75% x 2

80% x 1

75% x 3

80% x 2

85% x 1

80% x 3

85% x 2

90% x 1

Met Con:

1 minute for reps of: (FGB style)

Mountain Climbers (1 rep=both feet)

Sit Ups

Push ups

Box Jumps



3 rounds