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I’m Just Looking….

Have you ever walked into a buying situation and when the sales person approaches you, you respond with, ‘No thanks, I’m just looking’ ?  Of course you have, we all have.  There’s that uncomfortable scenario where the sales person wants to help you and you don’t really want to be helped.  Perhaps you are just looking but not really interested like hanging out in the mall, or perhaps you are very interested but want to be left alone for a minute, like in a furniture store.  I think furniture stores are notorious for this!  The sales people follow you like circling vultures waiting to pounce.  If they just made themselves available and when I am ready I can approach them, I’d be a much happier client.

The point is this….. are you a member of our program, but actually just looking?  Are you browsing around, but not really buying everything we’re selling?  We are not pushy furniture salesman here, but we do have an agenda.  That agenda is to get you results.  A major contributor to you getting results is providing a route for you to be successful.  We also expect you to buy the information we are selling.  AKA buy in to our program.  If you truly want results, take advantage of everything we have to offer.  We have ancillary courses that we periodically offer.  Have you signed up for one?  We do nutritional consults, have you scheduled one?  We do skill sessions for you one on one, have you scheduled one?  We offer personal training, have you taken advantage of our coaches’ expertise on a more personal level?  We offer DEXA scans where you can measure actual body fat, to see where you results are heading.  We do baseline check ins to show you how far you’ve progressed.  Have you scheduled one?  We do quarterly goal setting sessions.  Have you scheduled one?

Are you just looking or are you buying in?  If you really want to expedite your results buy what we’re selling!  Take advantage of all we are offering and just see how quickly you can get to where you want to go!


5-31-13 WOD


Will be discussed in class

Met Con:

Kettlebell Swing x 1 minute

Row x 1 minute

Sit ups x 2 minute

4 rounds for reps