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Intensity vs. Technique

Every day we do a WOD that starts with ?3-2-1 GO!!!? and has a clock running the whole time, and there is unspoken pressure to go as fast as you can. It is not by any means bad to go fast. Intensity is one of the key fundamentals that CrossFit is built on. However there is another fundamental that can be left by the wayside when things start getting intense.

That fundamental is technique. There are many complicated intricate movements that we do everyday. These movements can lead to great results when done correctly. However, some of you may have noticed this about yourselves, as I have many times, that when that clock starts, technique goes out the window. This is a bad practice that can lead down a bad road including injury.

As a coach, I strive to make sure all of you have a good handle on the movements that you do in metcons. However, sometimes I see people choose to go fast over doing the movement well. I am writing this blog as a reminder to everyone in the gym, from the veterans to the people who have only been here a week. If you do not feel comfortable doing a movement, pull a coach aside and ask them to review it with you. Our jobs are to make sure all our athletes perform these workouts correctly and safely to get the best results. What movements do you find break down in form when you do metcons?

-Chris aka T.I.

Mike working on his Kettlebell swings! Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!