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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

I recently read this book called, ‘The Shallows’ by Nicholas Carr.  It was a fascinating read who’s basic thesis is that by being online and using the technology all the time the neuroscience is showing that the internet is teaching us to not be able to pay attention.  The links and all the interruptions are teaching us or training our brains to switch back and forth between tasks and not be able to laser focus on something for a long time, like reflection, or reading a book.  By spending so much time on the internet we are losing our ability to think deeply and or critically think.  The process of paying attention activates our deep thinking skills, memory, and problem solving skills.

With all of the wonderful things the internet and technology has brought us is there a dark side to it?  Are we actually becoming less intelligent?  What are your thoughts?

7-3-13 WOD

Toes to Bar/ Knees to elbows x 5

Ring Dips x 5

Standing Backwards Lunge x 5 each leg

10 rounds for time